the Sophies

The Great Books Program is supported in part by earnings from the Sophie Oxley Clark Williams Great Books Endowed Fund, which was established by Tom Clark in 2000 in loving memory of his cousin. Mr. Clark and all five of Sophie Oxley Clark Williams' children have generously contributed to the fund since its inception. Several Great Books alumni have also contributed to this endowed fund, and additional contributions are welcomed.

The Sophie Oxley Clark Williams Outstanding Great Books Senior is chosen each year by fellow graduating seniors and the faculty. Past recipients of this award are listed below:

2017: Joseph Payne
2016: William Scruggs
2015: Brandon Brock
2014: Patrick Jolley
2013: Kalie Frank
2012: Catherine Roe
2011: Emma Stitt
2010: Jacob O'Neal and Meredith Milligan
2009: Emma Hughes
2008: Katherine Ann Grimm
2007: Timothy Durski
2006: Stefanie Llorens and William Godfrey
2005: Clinton D. Patrick
2004: Jordan Dominy
2003: Kelly Cannon
2002: Doug Watson
2001: Stephanie Shelton
2000: Shaun Kell
1999: Lee Bareford
1998: Sarah Gerwig
1997: Christine Harris (nee Koch)
1996: Jonathan Dunn
1995: Katherine Kerns and Scott Key
1994: Carolyn Arnold
1993: Brian O’Dell
1992: Eric O’Dell
1990: Shelle C. Wilson
1989: Charlotte Thomas (nee Smith)
1988: Diane Carter
1987: Rhonda Moorman

The Sophie Oxley Clark Williams Outstanding Essay Award was begun in academic year ’06-’07. Faculty members teaching GBK 306, GBK 407 and GBK 495 during the fall semester can submit one essay for consideration. A panel composed of three Great Books faculty members read and select one essay from those submitted. Past recipients of this award are listed below with links to their papers:
2017: Sydney Koenig
2016: William Scruggs
2015: Anna Mae Kersey
2014: Monique Darling
2013: Aidan Kirkpatrick
2012: Jan Jones
2011: Mary-Kathryn Wiley
2010: Kerry Landon Moore
2009: John Pascarella
2008: Adam Matthew DeLong
2007: Katherine Ann Grimm